September 2018

Lazy load makes a welcome comeback.


Gallery Plugin

The gallery plugin now has an option to set aspect ratio breakpoints.

Menu Plugin

The URL field in the menu plugin has been changed to allow for file URLs to be linked.

Admin Dashboard

A new page has been added to the dashboard where a user can create some meta data for a page (JSON-LD), give it a name, then choose pages to link it to.

The user can either choose specific pages, or it can be linked to all pages.

Any page that the meta data is linked to will load the meta data as part of the page generation.


Inline Edited Plugins

A bug has been fixed where if a user tried to edit meta information before saving changes to a plugin, the changes would revert.

Gallery Plugin/Blog List Plugin

Back in June, we removed lazy loading from these plugins due to a bug with images not displaying correctly in carousel mode.

This bug has now been fixed and lazy loading has been re-implemented

Admin Dashboard

Due to a filter, we had in place, pages with blog lists on them were being categorised as blog categories and the pages weren't being displayed in the pages tab.

This filter has been removed and pages with blog lists on them now display in both the page tab and the blog category tab.


We have updated Webpack to version 4, doing so broke our JS file splitting optimisations, this has been fixed.

We have also further optimised our Webpack config in order to speed up build times.

We have updated our caching logic to increase page speed.

Image Component

A bug was found where a user was not able to remove an image URL from the image component once it had been set, this has been fixed.