November 2018

A Supersized month of updates.



We have changed around the CRM admin side management pages to enable event management and category parents.

We've also changed tag management, which has been made a lot more generic.


We have added a 'Free-Text' option to the JSON-LD types to allow for custom data to be entered.

File Manager

When new files are uploaded to the file manager, they now appear at the top to be selected quickly.

O:G Images

The thumbnail from a blog post is now used as the page's O:G image. A page can also have a thumbnail set to be used as an O:G image.

Contact Form Plugin

The contact form plugin now assigns unique class names to each input row to allow for more specific selectors.

Plugin Page Finder Tool

There is a new tab in the admin dashboard, it allows the user to select from any plugin in use on the website and see what pages that plugin is on.

Login Plugin

The login plugin now allows for a URL to be entered to redirect the user upon successfully logging in.

Blog Post Menu Plugin

We have built a new plugin to display a menu of blog posts based on a given blog category. If the plugin is on a page with a blog post, the plugin is able to automatically detect the correct category to display posts from.


We have implemented ChartJS into the code base allowing for the use of graphs and charts when the need for them arises.



We have removed Google UA as Google TAG manager is now the encouraged default.

Newsletter Plugin

Added an input field for the user to enter a label.