December 2018

Tidying up some loose ends as 2018 draws to a close.


Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard has been updated with the first 'widgets'. These are a new way to control your site without having to dive too deeply into other admin sections. The aim? Keeping simple tasks simple.

Blog Post Menu Plugin

The blog post menu plugin now features an auto select option that will grab the category name for the blog post page you put the plugin on in order to make updating the list title automatic.


Contact Form Plugin

The contact plugin now adds a generated UUID to the end of it's class to allow for more styling and scripting options in templates.

Embedded RTE's

We have adjusted any plugins that have an embedded RTE to highlight the text area correctly.

Twitter Plugin

The Twitter plugin now opens Tweets in a new tab to allow for users to easily return to the site they were browsing.

Blog Post Menu Plugin

Previously, going between pages that had blog post menu plugin's on them would cause the title to be carried over, this has been fixed.