January 2019

Welcoming in the New Year with some optimisation work.


Password Reset Plugin

The password reset plugin now features a field for setting a redirect URL, when a user resets their password, they will be sent to the URL that's been set.

Email Templates

Contact forms have been changed slightly, they now have a drop down menu for email templates, this allows for custom emails to be sent via a contact form as well as allowing for different emails to be sent to multiple recipients. 



We have split all admin CSS into it's own stylesheet away from the generic styles for the rest of the CMS in order to increase page load speeds.

Loading Spinner

The loading spinner can now be toggled for a site in the config section of the admin dashboard.

Page/Blog Post Management

The pages and blog post management sections of the admin dashboard have now been merged together to reduce the confusion around what a page is versus what a blog post is.


Setting up a new site no longer uses material design styling.