April 2019

Ecommerce starts.


Ecom Engine (WIP)

Our Ecommerce engine is currently being developed but the foundations are laid:

Shipping matrices allow for shipping prices and conditions to be set.

The Basket Plugin allows for a shopping cart to be displayed on a page that keeps track of products a customer has added.

The Product Plugin allows a user to define a product and add details to be displayed on a page.

The Checkout Plugin allows for a customer to purchase products in their basket via a payment gateway.

Contact Form Plugin

The contact form plugin has a new field allowing for a user to leave a star rating.

Blog Post Plugin

The blog post plugin has been changed to use a modal that allows the user to set the publish date, thumbnail and categories. 

A new feature is the ability to set a summary which will be displayed in the blog list plugin.

File Manager

We have updated the file manager and the file API to support altering the Title attribute in a file’s EXIF data.

This feature is only available for PDF files at the moment.


The page management page now uses a modal rather than inline text inputs for adding and editing pages.


Bulletin Plugin

The bulletin plugin placeholder text has been altered to be clearer and there is now placeholder content on a page if any bulletin blocks are empty.

Profile Engine

Unique classes have been added to the profile display plugin to allow for more styling options.