May 2019

May the updates be with you, always.


Contact Form

A new option has been added to the contact form plugin that allows implicit consent to data storage for GDPR.

File Manager

We've added a "select" mode icon to the bottom of the file manager that shows selection check boxes on folders and files, when you aren’t in “select” mode clicking on normal files now opens them in a new tab.

When downloading a single file from the file manager, a zip file is no longer used for the download.


Jolojo now supports PayPal!


Profile Plugin

a memory leak that was causing the profile plugin to load slowly has been fixed.

Pikaday Date Pickers

All plugins that use the Pikaday date picker now displays 100 years in the past and future to allow for easier year selection.

File Manager

CSS updates to fix some display issues.

When downloading a file or multiple files .zip files will now download correctly.

A small bug fix to get rid of a console error message when you try to create a folder and then cancel without typing a name.

We've removed the “version” column from the “list” UI view.

Clean up the “list” UI view HTML and CSS to make table cell widths based on percentages.


The Order Management page in the admin section has been rearranged.