July 2019

Summer fun with the number one CMS platform! Big push on ecommerce this month in preparation for delivering the solution to clients in Q4 2019.


Ecommerce Products

A lot of work this month on evolving ecommerce products. The core engine now accepts data import for products (subject to the correct formalisation of import). Brands and categories have been added. Linked products added.

Multiple variants of a product added with bespoke programmable selectors for each (e.g. size and colour).

Jest testing

Unit testing improvements and further adoption of the Jest framework started.

TDD being built into ecommerce.

Ecommerce data layer

Data layer added into checkout for granular reporting to Google TAG manager in checkout process. Includes stage of process, basket total etc.


Profile Schema

Minor fixes to reported bugs, notably 'name' can now be updates by an authorised user.

Allow profiles to be sorted by department.


Fix a bug that meant that in certain use cases, users were not being created properly on site set-up.


HTML restructured for better templating in checkout. Remove dependency on having an address (payment gateway dependent) so this can be passed back by payment gateway where available to speed up checkout process.


Robots.txt file now editable (disallow all / allow all) via a click in Admin dashboard.


Vue sortable dependency removed from Jest implementation.