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The FASTEST headless CMS Platform

From inception, Jolojo has been built to be fast. Really fast. Fast without the need for a CDN or super-specified host servers, fast out of the box.

With the new Svelte front end and re-written Go API's - we are back on the top step of the speed ladder and we are here to stay.

if you feel the need, the need for speed :-)

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Super powerful. Super simple

Reasons to be cheerful
1, 2, 3*

Modern headless Single Page Application (SPA)
Go (back-end) and Svelte (front-end)
Front and back end joined by API interaction only
Caddy and SQLite environment
Platform independent (Windows Server, Linux, OSx)
In-built template editor
Full site back-ups and restores via a single file
Plus MUCH more!

*Ian Dury, RIP - listen to on YouTube

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Perfect for

Front & Back End Developers


Perfect for

Designers / SCSS Template Builders


Have a specific requirement?

Bespoke Development


Whether you are a website owner, website manager, a designer or a developer - Jolojo makes the task of developing, building or running a website easier, faster and less stressfull.

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Inline Editing

Allows editors to preview the changes made to text areas with the CSS styles applied live.


View previous versions of a content plugin. See Who Changed What And When 'WCWAW' and roll-back.

Auto Image Sizing

Images auto-resize reducing load and admin time.


Add or arrange elements on your website by simply clicking and dragging.

Flexible Blog Pages

Customise each blog post page so they look entirely different from each other.

Google Page Speed

In-built Google page speed interrogation.

Page Speed Smashing

Google has been advising that page speed is a ranking factor since late 2018. With a super efficient code base, next generation image formats in-built above and below the fold SCSS and JavaScript - Jolojo IS the World's Fastest Content Management System.

So, you too can worship at the Google altar and reap the benefits of utilising a system that has page speed as a primary requirement.


Who is using Jolojo?

We love our users and our users love us. Isn't that how relationships should be? .


Does a platform make a difference? You bet it can! Jolojo is quite simply the simplest, fastest and most elegant system I have ever used. It works for me, it works for our business and it works in Google. Six stars!


Since moving to Jolojo we have been empowered to use our site as a tool for our business. Even better our bounce rate has gone from 72% to just 16% and enquiries have already paid for our investment in just 3 weeks!


The core is fantastic, so much nicer than Wordpress. We set-up a subscription Vimeo channel with in-site user management in a matter of minutes, it even surprised the Jolojo developers how easy it was!


We were more than a little sceptical at first, lots of promises and we had been let down by 'webbie types' before. Well what a difference this platform makes, our scepticism was unfounded. Our site is GREAT and better still we can use it!


Our first training session was just five minutes long. All we could say was "is that it?" We haven't needed one since. Mind bogglingly simple, thank you!


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