Welcome to Jolojo.

Great for coders. Great for webmasters.
Great for Google. Great for you.

CMS excellence & ultra up to date.

With over 3 man years of direct development on the code base, Jolojo represents the pinnacle of CMS evolution. Built by a company with over 10 years in bespoke CMS system design, build and driven by commercial delivery Jolojo could be the platform you are looking for.

Example live sites already benefiting from Jolojo:


And over 10 in late stage development.


(to be cheerful)

  • Modern headless application
  • Go, Node and Vue as core elements
  • Super simple for users
  • API based for devs
  • Built for speed
  • Built for Google
  • In-built CRM system
  • Page Speed embedded

... and much more planned!

Jolojo? Que?

Jolojo is a headless application which doesn't provide its own front end. Traditionally web applications have been built as what are called 'monoliths', where all of the functionality, including the front end, is bundled up in the same project.

The trouble with a monolithic application is that after years of work it can become very difficult to make large changes. In contrast to that, a headless application provides a simple way to decouple the different parts of an application from each other, which in turn makes the application more flexible and open to experimentation.


Jolojo's core is built as a single API written in Go. This core API is the headless CMS that can be interfaced with using any other technology to build front ends, or any other application.

We interface with the core headless API to build a front end using the JavaScript framework Vue.js.

Why Go and Vue.js?

Go is used to build the core headless API which drives the entire CMS. The reasons for choosing Go are that it's easy to pick up and learn, it's a strongly typed, compiled language, it's very stable, and it's secure.

In the same vein as Go, Vue.js is also an easy to pick up and learn JavaScript framework that makes building complex front ends for web applications a much more manageable task.

The fact that both the Go language and the Vue.js framework are simple means that our code is accessible to anyone who needs to work on it, and means we don't get bogged down in the minutia of the tool, so we and you can focus on making better applications for everyone.