We are evolving all the time, have a look at our Roadmap or Updates page to see how we are getting on.

Below is a list of things, are they features? Well that depends on what you mean by feature, lets just agree that it is 'stuff' but that would make a rubbish page heading...


The core is how the 'stuff' is used, configured and controlled. Here are some headline core functions available out-of-the-box.

Admin Dashboard

Quickly see the important information. Robots.txt status, broken links and enquiries. More coming soon!

Page creation

Simple page creation using multiple templates (where available) and pre-populating with blank plugins in non-persistant areas.

URL mapping engine

301 or 302 divert pages internally with simple management.

Blog post creation

Simple blog post creation using templates and pre-population with blank content.

Blog categories

Category engine for blogs, allows multiple blogs and blog lists driven by categories.


View email enquiries (requires in-built GDPR confirmation for EU region).


Categorise and manage your enquiries. Granular control and super simple to use. Allows multiple site data gathering.


Super-simple JSON-LD for Event, Local Business, or Website with free text option.

Google Tag Manager

One line entry for Google TAG manager to feed Google Analytics and record on-site events.

Inline Editing

Allows editors to preview the changes made to text areas with the CSS styles applied live.

Link checker

Quickly check both internal and external link integrity. Check a page (on page) or the whole site.

User Management

Super-granular control of users. Control areas, pages or just plugin view and edit access via Scopes

User Scoping

In-built scope engine to allow bespoke configuration for use access control via user management.

Easy | Advanced plugin switch

Separates day to day usage (content) from more advanced plugin functionality (access control, animations, bespoke image compression)

Image compression engine

Allows a default image compression to be applied site-wide (jpg, jpeg, gif, png). Can be over ridden at the individual plugin level.

Auto Image Sizing

Images auto-resize depending on the size the image can get to in the plugin, reduces page load time.

OG Images

Set site-wide, page specific or blog post OG images for social sharing.


Previous versions of a plugin containing content can be viewed and restored on-page.


Add a new plugin or reorder plugins on page by simply clicking and dragging.

Flexible Blog Pages

Bored of all blog pages looking the same? Blog pages are flexible, you can customise each blog post page so they look different from each other.

Google Page Speed

Allows each page to be examined on site for optimal page speed insights.

Salesforce integration

Salesforce API integration already present (requires Jolojo team configuration).


One-click full-site back-up or restore. SUPER FLIPPING cool!

File Manager

Fast database driven file manager with drag and drop upload as well as Scoping of files for security.

Calendar Management

Add categories, events (with start and end times), and documents.


Allow page render caching and preloading in order to process and store data (including images) while offline.


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