Jolojo Updates

Unlike our roadmap, our updates are pure fact. We evolve through constant improvement. Updated quarterly. How about a new relationship with a new CMS? Come on now don't be shy!

No... We haven't gone away, haven't stopped development... But we have been BUSY BEES - call or email back soon. Code has been more important than text this year :-)

2022 Q2

Delve into the latest template changes, auction updates & ecommerce work carried out during Q2 2022....

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2022 Q1

Kicking off the year with a flurry of new features & updates. Short list, big changes....

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2021 Q4

Have a little peek into our end of year updates for Jolojo here....

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2021 Q3

Letting you know the goss on what's happening in Jolojo, peek our 2021 Q3 updates here....

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2021 Q2

Autumn already, wow. Our 2021 Q2 updates are here and ready for your to feast your eyes upon....

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2021 Q1

The land of Jolojo is soon on the horizon, and we can't wait - view our Jolojo 2021 Q1 updates here....

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2020 Q4

Our new front end - try not to get dazzled. All changes made to our front end were made with semantic UI design principles in our best interest....

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2020 Q3

Progressive web apps + Jolojo. Major changes to templating also included within our new UI....

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2020 Q2

The light is getting closer… More admin changes as well as a further look into 2FA and security....

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2020 Q1

Refactoring continues with light at the end of the tunnel....

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2019 Q4



- Frequently asked questions plugin created and deployed


- The re-factoring of Jolojo core from Vue.js to Svelte is now in full-flow. All APIs now amalgamated. Live data connections running.

Email templates

- Better admin control over...

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2019 Q3

Continuing ecommerce development in amongst large client projects....

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2019 Q2

May the updates be with you, always…...

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2019 Q1

Welcoming in the New Year with some optimisation work....

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2018 Q4


Admin Dashboard

- The admin dashboard has been updated with the first 'widgets'. These are a new way to control your site without having to dive too deeply into other admin sections. The aim? Keeping simple tasks simple.

All plugins

- All plugins...

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2018 Q3

A hot and productive quarter, with a MONSTER month in August....

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2018 Q2

The summer equinox, a massive quarter of updates, content frameworks, and GDPR+...

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