Perfect For

Designers & SCSS Templating

Fed-up with the constraints of a legacy monolith CMS platform to create your stunning new website?

Well, how about a platform that is super-up-to-date with a website templating system that doesn't take a year to learn (but you will still need to know your onions), that allows you to edit the template on-site without FTP or somesuch nastiness? A platform that welcomes the benefits of SCSS, uses variables as well as you want to use them, allows for above and below the fold SCSS, allows Javascript to be typed straight in and automatically uses some of the most common web-font suppliers? Well, hello there!

Templating Features

  • In-line SCSS editing
  • Above and Below the fold SCSS
  • No nasty FTP
  • Site back-up
  • Content Frameworks
  • Plugin sets
  • Direct input Javascript
  • Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts & integration

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