Jolojo Roadmap

All developers know that development road maps are usually 'fiction' we doubt that our road map will be any different, but heck we will try!

At least we have given them names, nice eh?

Q4 2021

Svelte front-end developed to v1.0, finally?

... because it is 50 years since Elvis Presley has his first UK No.1 hit with 'All Shook Up'.

Svelte refactoring completes

We should finish the refactoring to Svelte. Watch this space... Yes, we have said this before!

E-commerce products

Big job. E-commerce products to be added with user definable attributes (stock, price, weight etc) and TAG engine (colour, size etc) to be used for fast filtering of products.


Tailwind introduced to UI to make life easier and more consistent for admin functions.


Most of the administration system to be converted into components.

Pink Floyd
Q1 2022

First public code release, start of open source?

First full-fat ecommerce site to go live.

... because this is the quarter that we start to break down traditional CMS walls.

SEO | Internal Audits

Self auditing sites. Well the start of it!


Full fat eCommerce launches. Yeah baby and we have deadlines to meet!

Load site from IBU

Allow sites to be loaded from internal backup (not just external). This will allow site creators to use a single domain to develop multiple sites.


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