Jolojo roadmap

All developers know that development road maps are usually 'fiction' we doubt that our road map will be any different, but heck we will try!

At least we have given them names, nice eh?

Dandy Warhols

Q1 2019

Keeping in the groove.

Speed review

Varnish caching. Use new Lighthouse Engine.

Load site from IBU

Allow sites to be loaded from internal backup (not just external).


Gather and asses plugin use and audit.


Full fat eCommerce.


Developer documentation to be released. All code checked for proper commenting.

Email to blog

Finalise email to blog functionality.

CF from Q4 2018

Email templates 
SIte Birth
JSON LD at the plugin level
Branch deletion

Iggy Pop

Annual shake-up review.


Focus on touch / in the field editing.


Keyboard shortcuts


Self auditing sites.


We probably won't be needed by now and AI will have taken over the development of Jolojo... Well done for reading this far!


Final implementation.


Messaging system

Frank Sinatra - DONE!

Q4 2018

Solidifying the foundation and constant improvements.

Q4 2018 Summary

Well... We were busy, lots of great stuff complete, but a few missed targets. We have re-prioritised and will keep the focus goimng in Q1 2019.

Blog engine - COMPLETE!

Core improvements to categorisation and identifying a blog page.

Keeping the blog solution fully adaptable at the page level.

Email templates - CF:Q1 2019

Implement fully editable email templates to the used by Go API and called by contact forms, payment gateways and future messaging system.

Keep GDPR compliance in focus.

Export CF - Cancelled. Re-apraising.

Allow export and import of individual Content Frameworks by the template engine to include SCSS, Javascript and Fonts.

Site birth - Partial. CF

Improve default pages created for new born sites.


Complete the development of JSON-LD within the first 2 levels:

Lv1 - Site wide configuration

Lv2 - Page

Lv3 - Plugins (Q1 2019)

Branch deletion - CF:Q1 2019

Allow branches to be deleted from template engine. Disassociate plugins with deleted branches to allow deletion of unused plugins and images.


Text and video help documentation for all plugins to be built.

eCommerce - CF:Q1 2019

Basic eCommerce. Full fat to follow.