Jolojo Roadmap

All developers know that development road maps are usually 'fiction' we doubt that our road map will be any different, but heck we will try!

At least we have given them names, nice eh?

Nick Cave
Q2 2022

First full-fat ecommerce site to go live.

... because this is the quarter that we start to break down traditional CMS walls.

SEO | Internal Audits

Self auditing sites. Well the start of it!


Full fat eCommerce launches. Yeah baby and we have deadlines to meet!

Load site from IBU

Allow sites to be loaded from internal backup (not just external). This will allow site creators to use a single domain to develop multiple sites.

Q3 2022

First selected open source trial accounts launched.


Minimum Viable Product target launch. MVP will be a reduction and polishing exercise of what we currently have.

Content blocks

Content block are our idea to make site building easier. We have them, but we need to organise them better and have an external repository.

Web builder & Trial accounts

We should have the starting point for our Wix killer and Trail OS accounts will help us dilute WordPress...


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