Jolojo road-map

All developers know that development road maps are usually 'fiction' we doubt that our road map will be any different, but heck we will try!

At least we have given them names, nice eh?

Nick Cave
Q4 2019

All API's reviewed and aligned.
Major push on moving to Svelte.

... because he is a tireless Genius of sublime quality. We strive to be the same.

Moving to Svelte

A slight change of direction for the good ship Jolojo. A move to Svelte.

Why? - Vue.js was good to us. But we kept hitting our (code) head on unnecessary payloads that we couldn't see a way of fixing without major work, so we decided to take a long hard look at our options and make sure we were wedded to the right partner.

As we would have to re-factor a large part of the code base for almost the same result, we decided that a move to Svelte for the  front-end would bring us enough benefits to make a lot of sense. 

This move will reduce payload and allow us to optimise the code much more efficiently and keep our mantra of 'Better for Google. Better for you.'

Q1 2020

Svelte front-end developed to v1.0
First full-fat ecommerce site to go live.
First public code release, start of open source?

... because by the end of this quarter we will be in a real Swell groove.

Svelte polishing

The optimisation of code and TDD will continue.


Front end wizzards will start to make simple website tasks much easier for non techies. Walk through Wizards in-baked.


Focus on touch / in the field editing. A few minor but very user focused changed to the admin UX.

Load site from IBU

Allow sites to be loaded from internal backup (not just external).


Developer documentation to be released. All code checked for proper commenting.

Admin help evolving as Videos.


Self auditing sites. Well the start of it!


Full fat eCommerce. Yeah baby and we have deadlines to meet!