May 2018

The first public release of Content Frameworks and our implementation of rigid GDPR contact forms.


Login Plugin

Added a new plugin that allows for a login form to be included on any page instead of the fixed login URL

Search Plugin

The search plugin now supports filtering by blog category

Contact Form Plugin

A data storage consent checkbox is now available for use on the contact form to cover the newly implemented GDPR.

User data from contact forms will only be stored if the new consent checkbox is ticked.

Workflow Changes

Editable layouts can now be dropped into pages.

Basic content frameworks (default content on page creation) can now be created.


Creation tables now display newly created items at the top of the table, this affects the following tables:

  • Page
  • Blog Category
  • Blog Post
  • URL Map
  • User Management
  • Prevented the loading of the analytics tracking code if the user is logged in

File Manager

Files in the file manager can now be renamed. Files in the file manager can now be downloaded as a zip folder.



Fixed a bug which prevents page saves that's caused when a page is made inactive and its URL is set to one that puts it at the very bottom of the list when sorted alphabetically by URL.

Added a check for files being used in config fields and fixed a bug where filenames were being converted to lowercase.

Fixed a bug where plugin modals could only be used once until the page was refreshed.

Added a min-height to plugins in edit mode to make it easier to access plugins that normally don't have a height.

Fixed a bug where plugin versioning wasn't working.

Rich Text Editor

The RTE now allows for lazyloaded images which fixed a bug with automatic image size selection.