July 2018

July was HOT and productive.


Relative Navigation Plugin

An optional filter has been added to the relative navigation plugin to allow for a generated list of links to be used instead of manually creating them.

Blog List Plugin

The blog list plugin now has options for looping and centred slides.

Twitter Plugin

The twitter plugin has been updated to use the Twitter API instead of an iframe, allowing for more styling.

Video Plugin

The video plugin now allows for Vimeo URLs to be used.


A sub-section of the Cordic API has been implemented.

The Cordic API implements a `/locations` route that allows for location searches that merge Google locations results with manually created location results

Basic WorldPay functionality has been implemented.

The order of plugins in the sidebar has been updated to try and put the more commonly used ones closer to the top.

A new login/logout navigation plugin has been built.

A new modal pop up window has been built to replace the previous material design ones.

Admin Dashboard

A basic internal link checker is available to use in the admin dashboard.

The Auth API now records a last logged in date/time for each user which is displayed in the user management tab of the admin dashboard.

The admin dashboard now displays a message informing the user whether robots is disabled or not.

File Manager

A lock icon has been added to thumbnails in the file manager that have had a scope set.

The file manager now includes more icons for file types that don’t have thumbnails.



A small change has been made to the @top, @left, @width and @heaight SCSS mixins to fix a bug.

A date formatting issue that occurred when manually entering a date in a date picked has been fixed.

Password Reset Plugin

An issue with ticking the ReCAPTCHA box submitting the reset password form has been fixed.