2018 Q2



- Added the ability for a user to set a custom login screen for a website.

- Creation tables now display newly created items at the top of the table, this affects the following tables: Page, Blog Category, Blog Post, URL Map, User Management

- The admin dashboard has been overhauled, the navigation tabs have been removed and the pages have been seperated that can be accessed using the icons on the left bar.

- When an admin sends a change password email to a user, the change password link now has an expiry time of 2 days.


- Added the ability to sort pages, blog categories and blog posts using different criteria and in either ascending or descending order.

- Added ability to select either a dynamic child category display or a fixed category to display the subcategories of.

- The blog list plugin now includes the post publish date when in carousel display mode.

Contact Form Plugin

- Data storage consent checkbox is now available to use on the contact form

- User data from contact forms will only be stored if the new consent checkbox is ticked.

- Added option of free text field to the contact form plugin that allows a user to enter custom HTML into the contact form.

- Added ability for users to include more than one email address as recipient

- Added a newsletter signup option to the contact form

File manager

- Files in the file manager can now be renamed.

- Files in the file manager can now be downloaded as a zip folder.

Rich Text Editor

- Setting an email address in the rich text editor now allows for a subject to be entered.

- Added new link options to the rich text editor plugin, allowing for users to set mailto and tel links in a simpler way


- Added the ability to include Bing verification

- Added a page view count derived from data received from Google Analytics

Workflow changes

- Changes to workflow to make page creation and editing faster

- Editable layouts can now be dropped into pages

- Basic content frameworks (default content on page creation) can now be created.



Focus : Bug fixing & templating

- Added <noscript> tags to plugins that require JavaScript to function correctly.

- Updated template control permissions so that both super and admin users get access to branch controls.

- Fixed login background image issue at large resolutions

- Fixed a bug which prevents page saves that's caused when a page is made inactive

- Added a check for files being used in config fields and fixed a bug where filenames were being converted to lowercase.

- Fixed a bug where plugin modals could only be used once until the page was refreshed.

- Added a min-height to plugins in edit mode to make it easier to access plugins that normally don't have a height.

- Fixed a bug where plugin versioning wasn't working.

- A bug has been fixed where clicking outside of an inline plugin (for example, the rich text editor) would cause you to lose any changes you had made. Clicking outside the plugin now confirms the changes so they aren't lost.


Focus : Dates

- Update the use of Moment.js across the entire CMS to display invalid date for invalid dates and make sure all datetime attributes are set to the time in UTC without milliseconds.

- Fixed breakpoints issue with blog list plugin

Newsletter Plugin

- Allow the newsletter plugin to use a Campaign Monitor List key in the config if it exists. Reordered the newsletter plugin error notification.

CMS Interface

-Fixed plugin modals only being usable once until the page refreshes

Contact Form

- Allow the contact form plugin to accept multiple email addresses

Rich text editor

- The RTE now allows for lazyloaded images which fixed a bug with automatic image size selection.

- The text plugin now tries to find the optimal size for images and lazy loads them.


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