2018 Q3


Admin Dashboard

- The search and sort fields have been restyled to match the plugin modal window styles

- The modal windows for setting blog categories and scopes have been restyled to match the plugin modal window styles.

- A new page has been added to the dashboard where a user can create meta data for a page (JSON-LD), give it a name, then choose pages to link it to. The user can either choose specific pages, or it can be linked to all pages. Any page that the meta data is linked to will load the meta data as part of the page generation.

All Plugins

- All plugin modals now have new styles to bring them more in line with the rest of the CMS.

- Certain plugin modal windows now have a toggle that allows a user to access either basic or advanced options to customising that plugin.


- There is now a limit of 2 for the number of backups that can be stored per site, any backups but the latest 2 will be removed after 48 hours.

Menu plugin

- A button has been added to each menu item that allows for children items to be added to it directly, allowing for quicker menu creation.

- The URL field in the menu plugin has been changed to allow for file URLs to be linked.

Meta Editing tool

- The ability to edit the meta information about a plugin has been brought within each plugin's modal window if it has one.

Relative Navigation Plugin

- An optional filter has been added to the relative navigation plugin to allow for a generated list of links to be used instead of manually creating them.

Template editor

- We've replaced the Ace template editor with the Monaco template editor which is now using Golden Layout rather than material design.

Video, Twitter & Blog list plugins

- Video: The video plugin now allows for Vimeo URLs to be used.

- Twitter: The Twitter plugin has been updated to use the Twitter API instead of an iframe, allowing for more styling

- Blog list: The blog list plugin now has options for looping and centred slides.



Focus: Formatting, bug fixing and blog posts

- A small change has been made to the @top, @left, @width and @height SCSS mixins to fix a bug.

- A date formatting issue that occurred when manually entering a date in a date picker has been fixed.

- A bug has been fixed where if a user tried to edit meta information before saving changes to a plugin, the changes would revert.


- We have updated Webpack to version 4, doing so broke our JS file splitting optimisations, this has been fixed.

- We have also further optimised our Webpack config in order to speed up build times.

Admin Dashboard

- Due to a filter we had in place, pages with blog lists on them were being categorised as blog categories and the pages weren't being displayed in the pages tab. This filter has been removed and pages with blog lists on them now display in both the page tab and the blog category tab.

Image Component

- A bug was found where a user was not able to remove an image URL from the image component once it had been set, this has been fixed.


- An issue with blog post creation via content frameworks caused the created blog post to not be assigned an ID correctly, this has been resolved.

- When adding new blog posts, the user must now select a blog category, if there are no categories then a message is displayed to the user informing them that one must be created.

Menu Plugin

- Fixed an issue where, if a menu item had a child item that had sibling items, the subsequent sibling items would not have the correct classes applied to them.

Password Reset Plugin

- An issue with ticking the reCAPTCHA box submitting the reset password form has been fixed.

Twitter Plugin

- An issue with date formatting that was causing a warning in the developer console has been fixed.


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