June 2019

Sun and fun. Big focus on finishing 3 quite bespoke sites. As many updates-along-the-way as we could do!



Sortable library now replaced with VueDraggable. Various additional changes to make this more usable for site admins dragging Content Frameworks and Plugins onto and around a page.


Jest framework implemented to unit testing of front-end components. Getting closer to TDD!


Robots.txt admin dashboard component now allows for direct editing (toggle on/off).


Bulletin plugin finished, now aligns bulletins to the centre and a maximum of 3 bulletin items are allowed. Also allows for change of background colour and image from within the plugin.


Basket plugin now allows a simple direct to basket URL without onClick or onHover displaying basket link. Drop down basket list now user selectable (on/off).


Images & File Manager

Image EXIF data is removed from images (due to GDPR), however the orientation EXIF data is read and image oriented correctly to allow for images that have been uploaded with orientation data (common on some mobile phones.)

File manager – now opens the correctly requested directory if an existing file or image has been stored in a plugin.


After updates to the Auth engine, additional verification to make sure that a user is correctly set-up.

Fix to allow email address to be changed by non Admin user (Member level).

User scope requests from a non-originating API tweaked.

Profile Schema

Images that are moved independently in the File Manager now update in the profile Schema engine.

Better error handling. Add icons replaced to platform standard. Deleted profiles now removed from page table. Sorting now allowed by department.


URL added to Logout plugin.

Checkout data now editable via non checkout plugins.


Minor fix to only allow valid email addresses for PayPal gateway.


Fix to the Instagram plugin to allow posts to feed correctly with no text content.