August 2019

A month of bespoke client work and heck it is August - holiday season!



Further work to amalgamate the front and back end of ecommerce. Attribute engine started to allow for highly granular filter menus.


The auth API has been re-factored to prepare for the upcoming Svelt front end.


Tweaks to the cache engine to allow for users of bespoke applications to stay online while being temporarily off-line.


File manager

Replace all spaces with hyphens when uploading images and documents.

RTE Links

Jolojo now auto selects correct prefix (http / https) when pasting in a link to an external website.

Events & Calendar

Improvements to the search functionality for the calendar engine.

Summary of events for administrators now sorts by column name.


Further style changes to make dragging and dropping of plugins easier to use.

Blog summary

The default text loaded in the blog summary no longer displays on blog lists unless the text is edited.