2019 Q4



- Frequently asked questions plugin created and deployed


- The re-factoring of Jolojo core from Vue.js to Svelte is now in full-flow. All APIs now amalgamated. Live data connections running.

Email templates

- Better admin control over email templates

If you have read a few of our recent update pages, you will know that we have been uber-focused on our re-factoring task. Yes, we have been completing client projects, tweaking bits'n'pieces along the way, but fundamentally we haven't been changing the way the core works. We haven't been adding much, removing some and improving what we have has been our recent goal.

As we end 2019 and prepare for the festive break, we have finally completed the deployment of this site - www.jolojo.com - on the Svelte version, so now you can see how FAST it is!

And by fast, we mean FAST... Here are some quick post-live checks using Google Page Speed (available at: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights) and comparing this site against some very popular CMS platforms 'home' pages. This is only really skimming the milk as far as insights goes, but it is rather encouraging for our claim to be 'The world's fastest Content Management System'.

www.wordpress.com - mobile 88, desktop 99

www.drupal.com - mobile 91, desktop 99

www.joomla.org - mobile 33, desktop 79

www.wix.com - mobile 22, desktop 52

www.squarespace.com - mobile 43, desktop 95

www.shopify.com - mobile 86, desktop 99

www.octobercms.com - mobile 89, desktop 99

www.ghost.org - mobile 26, desktop 93

And us...

www.jolojo.com - mobile 97, desktop 99

So as fast as any of the other sites tested on desktop, 6 points faster that fastest on mobile and smashing some rather large popular platforms out of the park!

Of course, there are many different ways to test page speed and there are many different techniques to improve the scores. The test above could be looked at as 'unfair' but is is data that can be replicated and we also have more to do get gain further speed increases. We also 'assume' that the bigger players in the market DO take page speed seriously, especially in their own marketing sites.

The future is FAST - Jolojo Fast.

Here's to 2020 and BIG THINGS for Jolojo. Don't forget to get in touch if you want to know more, get involved or be kept up to date with all things Jolojo.


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