2020 Q2



- TAG manager and JSON LD can now be injected.

- User permissions to view scoped plugins completed

- File manager added to admin bar, allows for users to view all of the files included within the site.

TAG manager

- Google TAG manager support implemented.


- 2FA can use any authenticator app or SMS via Twillio. Have I Been PWNED password checking on account creation and at every log-in.

- Added error messages and scratch code warnings in forms

- Add 2FA checks to SPA navigation


Loading Spinner

- Added and improved loading spinner reliability

All plugins

- Update functionality re-written for all active plugins

Notable Go Lang changes

- Add new commands for updating template data

- Add a new config/all route with default entries.

- Add 1px placeholder size for image generation.

- Add file entity go endpoint for creating and managing folders and buckets.

- Allow all GO API endpoints to have find, find all and count routes public.


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