Progressive Web Application

- Jolojo now has the ability to be deployed as a PWA (big client project), end-point handling as good as we can at this stage (although it is pretty amazing), final touches still need to be added.


- Major changes to templating including new UI for branches (layout changes on-page).


- Added Edit as a permanent link to the Admin bar

- Lots of bug fixes for the sort/re-order plugins, as well as ease of use improvements for them.


Drag 'n' Drop

- Drag and drop sorting to menu plugin

Rich Text Editor

- Inline editing on the RTE improved.

Notable GoLang changes

- Implement automatic node-block fixups on page render.

- Allow find/create/update to be called with internal tokens check.

- Add a hook to find scope ids on read.

- Add password updates and password reset emails.

- Make reset password emails require an email template id.

- Allow find all function to execute with internal token.

- Set the same site attr in token cookies to strict mode.

- Update code in accordance with linter checks.

- Change HTTP response to bad request when bad URL supplied.

- Auto-detect argon2id params and rehash passwords.

- Add default scope creation.

- Embed time zone database.


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