Progressive Web Application

- New work done on PWA's now allows page render caching and preloading in order to process and store data (including images) while offline - ready to be uploaded for when the user goes back online.

- Offline actions buffer - users of the PWA can now track the amount of offline actions they have stored.

Websocket integration

- You can now open the SCSS editor using websockets, allowing you make updates in the editor, and preview the site at the same time in a different tab.

- The websockets we're using are from a library within socket.io, which is now integrated into the Jolojo Core.

Inbuilt plugin versioning tool

- Something we have been working on and plan to be finalising soon is inbuilt plugin versioning. This will allow users to rollback changes that have been made to a particular plugin, letting them pick from previous versions.

Customisable Svelte tooltip component

- Tooltip videos and images can be added to plugin directories bundled with webpack. This can allow you to show text and an image/video in a small tip box when users hover over a particular object on the page.


Front End

- A complete UI rewrite was needed for Jolojo, so we gave it one! This includes :

  • New modal designs
  • Dark mode
  • Redesigned input fields
  • Updated front end menu

- These changes were all made with semantic UI design principles in our best interest.


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