- After wanting to implement Tailwind into Jolojo for quite some time, we decided now was the time to add it alongside the large amounts of UI updates we are carrying out. Tailwind can now be used in any area of Jolojo to create changes to styling.

UI Updates

- With the implementation of Tailwind came the opportunity to carry out some big changes with it. We have made some big UI changes to: 

  • edit modals within plugins
  • administration areas, particular tables for managing the site
  • on-page editing (the menu system available to users in Jolojo to edit their site)


- We've been working slow and steadily on eCommerce over the past few quarters, but this quarter we have really stepped up the pace. This includes working hard on product importing, product creation & editing and ecommerce page layouts.



- We have tweaked layouts a lot this quarter, working on allowing users to make changes and add them to their site much easier. They can now be draggable styled content areas where plugins can be dragged into.


- Bug fixed : attachments not sending has been fixed & content type check has been added to stop multipart from data parsing.


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