Bug Fixing!

To finish off the year we thought we would try and alleviate all major bugs from the platform to continue our journey of making the user experience the best it can be

Key bug fixes:

- Z indexing issues

- SPA issues (force refreshes etc.)

- Plugin fixes, new styling for plugin modals


More ecommerce talk... exciting for us and exciting for you too (we hope)! Our biggest accomplishment within the sprints so far is our new filtering system which is extremely customisable to each ecommerce site that is created within Jolojo. We aim to work on customisable page layouts too, which will allow you to decide which fields show in which rows and columns per site - so that each ecommerce site can be different to the next.


Legacy modals

- Super-duper-mega refactoring of legacy modals within Jolojo

Jolojo recruitment functionality 

- Creation of a bespoke recruitment functionality within Jolojo 
    - Including vacancy/job management, location management & category management


- Ecommerce UI updates
    - Tailwind & pagination updates



eCommerce tweaks

- Image upload updates (batch upload, upload state)

- Admin table sorting & upload state updates


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