New Templating changes

- Removing old way of creating/formatting pages of "Branches" which were predetermined plugin areas, of which you would have multiple on a page shared across the site.

- Addition of new content block functionality - which allows much greater customisation of pages, including layouts of plugins (e.g. 50/50 or 3 in a row), drag 'n' drop of content blocks on a page, addition of animations to areas on the pages. I have included a screenshot of new UI for adding areas to the page - we will likely update this soon.

Page Presets

- Page presets are now fully functioning within Jolojo. We check all the ID's for the nodes, blocks and plugins which are then saved in their particular order as a framework. Then, when it is selected on the page creation it replicates that structure to generate a page with pre-existing content blocks & plugins on. You can save a page and have it available to pick from when creating a new page, copying the exact layout, from plugins on the page to the styling incorporated in each of the content blocks.

Jolojo Auctions

- We have been working on an auctioning add-on to Jolojo, as a requirement for one of our clients included auctioning functionality we thought why not add this to Jolojo? Jolojo Auctions contains the ability to create and manage auctions, including all of the lots within the auctions as well as consignors/fees/times. It also provides reporting tools for auctioneers & orders/collection information at hand for after an auctions' completion. We have been working a lot over this quarter on the reporting and live update functionality, providing perfect sync between multiple users in different locations and ensuring that reporting is as easy as possible for the auctioneering house to manage.


Plugin tweaks

- We have been working on rolling out new plugins to replace our legacy plugins which were a bit dodgy, some of these include our new image plugin alongside our new carousel plugin.

- Updates to the functionality of plugins within content blocks, and how they automatically style within predetermined content blocks and page presets.

Ecommerce tweaks

- Updates to product imports.

- Updates to front end UI for user managing the site

- Updates to backend API integrations

- New row/column customisation engine to choose how product display on each product list on the site. Screenshot below.


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